Bio-Bean unveils new product launch

Bio-Bean unveils new product launch

Bio-bean is set to launch a new flavour and fragrance product this year made from recycled coffee grounds.

Bio-bean currently uses coffee grounds to produce logs for domestic burning and biomass pellets for industrial use.

“We are looking to extract the oils and flavour compounds. We are looking to bring the first product to market this year in the flavour and fragrance sphere that will go into food, beverages and cosmetics,” George May, chief commercial officer at Bio-Bean, said. 

May also said that it has made an 80% saving in CO2 emissions against landfill and was reducing CO2 emissions by six tonnes every day.

Bio-Bean has also been has been partnering with Costa for three years. 

Oliver Rosevear, head of environment at Costa, said that 37% of the chains total waste by weight is in coffee grounds which he described as “ not an insignificant amount.”

“The key thing for me is it is not really that difficult. It was probably one of the easiest waste streams for us to segregate,” he said.

“We find that the coffee grounds that we collect, when segregated, are actually more beneficial to go through this waste stream.”

The news was revealed during a conference session at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo


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