BEAR invests in preparation for growth

BEAR invests in preparation for growth

Midlands-based BEAR, the coffee, kitchen and bar operator which is set to open its third site in Stone, Staffordshire, has gone live with a new online management software, as it looks to increasingly invest more in the business as it prepares for growth.

Co-founder of BEAR Michael Thorley told Coffee Business World: "We were looking for a system that allows stores to spend their labour more wisely, without cutting their budget. This allows them to [focus labour on] the busier times, improving efficiency and enabling them to focus more on helping customers enjoy their visit."

He added that it also gave store managers data at their "finger tips", reducing the manual processing element and saving them time. "This enables them to spend more time leading and developing their teams.... And it has the added benefit of allowing us to spend more time focusing on interesting and fun developments in our industry."

Behind the S4Labour system is Alastair Catton of Catton Hospitality, who operates two pubs and a coffee-shop in Harrogate. He told Coffee Business World: “In a coffee shop environment, there’s a point in the length of any queue when customers will give up and go elsewhere. Just by having the correct number of staff there at the right times will grow sales and repeat custom."

Catton estimates businesses using S4Labour can typically save £10k a year, against an investment of £1k per year, plus set-up costs of around £1k.

"Not only does it get businesses legal, it calculates holidays, records hours correctly and can even provide employee contracts. It helps businesses see how to deploy staff more effectively by analysing EPOS data, which shows when the busy times are and enables businesses to forecast stock levels and schedule more efficiently."

S4Labour, which is used by a number of leading hospitality operators including Loungers and Café Grounded.

At the European Coffee Expo conference last month, Grind’s CEO and co-founder David Abrahamovitch revealed that he wished he’d spent more on systems while the business was growing, as implementing new HR systems with 200 staff was “a nightmare”.

BEAR Derby shortlisted for design awards

BEAR has been shortlisted for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards ‘Bar or Restaurant in a Heritage Building’ category with its design team ‘turnerbates’ for its Derby store.

Craig Bunting co-founder and marketing director of BEAR said: “We’re inconceivably proud and excited about our store being shortlisted for this internationally-recognised award!

"The incredible amount of thought and work that 'turnerbates' has invested in the development of BEAR Derby really resonates in the store and we couldn’t be happier with what we’ve created together. As a brand, we are really committed to the authenticity of our spaces and the atmosphere we can create within them, and working with the amazing team at turnerbates has allowed us to easily translate and manifest this within our stores.”


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