As the appetite for mass-produced low-quality tea is weakening…premium tea is on the rise

As the appetite for mass-produced low-quality tea is weakening…premium tea is on the rise

Whilst it seems that the appetite for mass-produced low-quality tea is decreasing, the demand for premium tea is most certainly on the rise and there are a number of interesting factors contributing towards this significant shift in consumer tea consumption trends.

At the heart of this is an emphasis on preservation from those entering middle age and most significantly - female consumers are viewing teas as a wellness instrument, capable of curing a multitude of aliments. All of this together amounts to a tea revolution where hospitality, retail, brands and consumers are now viewing tea in a completely new way.

Fuelling this demand further is the fact that drinkers are now looking for more in-depth and luxurious flavours, with green, fusions and herbals becoming the go-to. Brands are responding by offering a vast range of premium teas, investing in their marketing and curating a story to their brand…and with this shift towards premiumisation, an entire new world of experiential tea sales has opened up.

Hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars have begun to offer sensory experiences such as immersive afternoon tea experiences, along with modernist tea and food pairing menus. Two interesting cases are The Ampersands Hotel who are offering smoking test tubes of tea in their afternoon tea and even Michelin star establishments, such as Club Gascon in Farringdon, are offering a six course tea pairing menu which has been a firm hit with local city workers embracing the alcohol-free offering.

What will you be drinking to celebrate National Tea Day on the 21st of April? I don’t know but the odds are it might well be a premium healthy cuppa or enjoying a tasty and unusual tea experience!

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Diaz Ayub, National Tea Day Founder and Tea Futurist






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