A1 planning regs fuels disposables

A1 planning regs fuels disposables

Responding to the Environmental Audit Committee’s report, United Baristas tackles key points raised in the EAC report, including the A1 planning laws, and encourages responses to them for feeding back to the committee.

United Baristas’ founder Tim Ridley told Coffee Business World: "We want the Environmental Audit Committee to understand how the current use ‘class’ regime encourages greater use of takeout coffee cups, and takeout packaging in general. Making changes to planning law is an essential part of the solution."

He continued: "If the Government wants to reduce the use of takeout coffee cups – and we believe it should – then updating planning law for life in 2018 and beyond is critical."

In United Baristas 'formal response it says: "It seems the current planning laws did not foresee, nor have they facilitated, the rise of casual dining – the larger trend that the rise in coffee shops has been a part of over the past decade. The use class requirements determine that entrepreneurs and operators develop concepts that are designed for the majority of their sales to be consumed off-site. This impacts shop layouts, seat counts and shop facilities, all of which are used to encourage consumers to opt for takeout. The committee noted that, 'almost half of all coffee and hot drinks are now sold in disposable cups' (Environmental Audit Committee, 2017, p.3). For most coffee shop operators to be compliant with planning law, it should be over half."

  • Tim Ridley is the founder of United Baristas, which offers peer support services for the coffee community. He is also a pioneer of the London specialty coffee scene.

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